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Executive interview – mVise

Edison TV: | Technology | 10 Dec 2018

In this interview mVise CEO, Manfred Götz, introduces the group's business of providing mobile services and solutions. He discusses mVises's new business model and turnaround in the last four years, which has led to group revenues multiplying, as well as its promising new products and SaleSphere.

Verona Pharma

Executive interview – Verona Pharma

Edison TV: | Pharmaceutical & healthcare | 10 Dec 2018

Verona Pharma’s chairman, Dr David Ebsworth, provides an overview of the group’s core technology and applications, corporate strategy and development plans for its lead product, RPL554. He also outlines expected near-term news flow and the regulatory strategy.


Executive interview – Paion

Edison TV: | Pharmaceutical & healthcare | 10 Dec 2018

CEO Dr Wolfgang Söhngen provides an overview of Paion’s core technology, Remimazolam, an ultra-short-acting intravenous benzodiazepine sedative/anaesthetic. He also discusses the group’s strategy including partnership deals with Cosmo and Mundipharma and the path to market for Paion’s products.


Executive interview – Ergomed

Edison TV: | Pharmaceutical & healthcare | 10 Dec 2018

CEO Stephen Stamp discusses trends in the pharmacovigilance and clinical research markets as well as the current structure and focus of the business following the acquisition of PSR.


Executive interview – InflaRx

Edison TV: | Pharmaceutical & healthcare | 10 Dec 2018

CEO and founder, Niels Riedemann, discusses InflaRx’s core technology including its lead product, IFX-1. He also highlights the advantages of the company’s acute and chronic inflammation products versus the current standard of care and the competition. Finally, he provides an update on InflaRx’s expected near-term news flow.


Executive interview – MyBucks

Edison TV: | Financials | 10 Dec 2018

In the interview, Dave van Niekerk (Executive Chairman of MyBucks), explains the company’s business model as well as its regional and global expansion plans. He also comments on MyBucks’ technological advancements and growth opportunities resulting from fintech partnerships. Moreover, he summarizes the company’s FY18 performance.


Executive interview – Voltabox

Edison TV: | General Industrials | 10 Dec 2018

EKF conference 2018.


Executive interview - paragon

Edison TV: | General Industrials | 10 Dec 2018

EKF conference 2018.

EQS Group

Executive interview – EQS Group

Edison TV: | Media | 10 Dec 2018

Achim Weick, CEO, talks through the developing market for corporate governance, risk and compliance and how EQS’s tools help companies to fulfil their regulatory obligations. He describes how the newly launched and cloud-based COCKPIT platform makes these processes more efficient (illustrated). Andre Marques, CFO, then outlines the investment backing the project and briefly indicates highlights from the Q3 figures. EQS Group is a leading international provider of regulatory technology, operating in the fields of investor relations, corporate communications, and corporate compliance.


Executive Interview - CFT SpA

Edison TV: | General Retailers | 10 Dec 2018

EKF conference 2018.

The NAGA Group

Executive Interview - The NAGA Group

Edison TV: | Technology | 10 Dec 2018

EKF conference 2018.


Executive interview – PBKM

Edison TV: | Pharmaceutical & healthcare | 10 Dec 2018

Jakub Baran, CEO of PBKM, a Polish stem cell bank, discusses the group’s corporate strategy including the acquisitions made to increase its geographical reach. He also provides an overview of both the services and preclinical sides of the business.