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TR European Growth Trust

Finding opportunities in European small-caps

Review | Investment trusts | 02 Jul 2018

TR European Growth Trust (TRG) lead manager Ollie Beckett says he and his team are still finding plenty of investment opportunities, in spite of the global bull market in equities arguably being closer to the end than the beginning. The managers focus on attractively valued smaller companies in continental Europe, where improving returns or management changes have not yet been appreciated by the wider market. After a stellar year of performance in FY17 (NAV and share price total returns of +54.0% and +75.5% respectively), recent returns have been more muted relative to the benchmark and peers, and the trust has moved from a slight premium to NAV to a discount, more in line with long-term averages. Beckett has recently taken profits in holdings where valuations looked stretched, and has increased TRG’s gearing to take advantage of a dip in investor sentiment. The stock list is towards the longer end of the historical range.

TR European Growth Trust

Small-cap value focus delivers outperformance

Review | Investment trusts | 28 Nov 2017

TR European Growth Trust (TRG) invests in a diversified portfolio of small and mid-cap European (ex-UK) companies, with the aim of achieving capital growth. Its manager at Janus Henderson Investors seeks companies that are undervalued as a result of being misunderstood by the market. The portfolio is weighted towards the smaller end of the market cap spectrum, where companies are less well-researched. As recovery has taken hold in Europe, TRG’s recent performance has been exceptionally strong. It has beaten its benchmark, the EMIX Smaller Europe ex-UK index, in share price and NAV total return terms over the last five discrete years to 31 October, and cumulatively over one, three and six months, and one, three, five and 10 years. It also ranks first in its peer group over one, three and five years. TRG actively manages gearing in a range of up to 15% of net assets (13% at end-October 2017), does not tend to hedge currency exposure, and currently offers a dividend yield of 1.2%.

TR European Growth Trust

Strong returns from European small-cap specialist

Review | Investment trusts | 17 May 2017

TR European Growth Trust (TRG) has enjoyed an exceptionally strong period of recent share price and NAV performance, posting gains of c 50% over 12 months to 30 April. While returns from all overseas investments have been boosted by the weakness of sterling since the UK's Brexit referendum, TRG's outperformance has been assisted by a focus on better-value cyclical stocks, and the decision of lead manager Ollie Beckett to increase gearing in the second half of 2016. The trust invests in European (ex-UK) smaller companies, with a particular focus on those at the lower end of the market cap spectrum, where both rewards and risks may be higher. Because of this, TRG has a longer stock list than peers. While the discount to NAV has narrowed somewhat, it remains at c 9% compared with an average of 0.7% for the investment company universe.

TR European Growth Trust

Finding value in European small-caps

Review | Investment trusts | 20 Jun 2016

TR European Growth Trust (TRG) holds a diversified portfolio of European (ex-UK) small and mid-cap companies, with the aim of achieving long-term capital appreciation. Set up in 1990, the trust has been managed by Ollie Beckett (assisted by Rory Stokes) at Henderson Global Investors since July 2011, over which time it has comfortably beaten the benchmark Euromoney Smaller Europe ex-UK index in share price and NAV total return terms, as well as outperforming larger-cap European stocks and the FTSE All-Share index. The portfolio is biased towards value situations and companies at the smaller end of the market cap spectrum. While focused on capital growth, the trust has also grown its ordinary dividend by a compound 15.5% a year over the past five years.

TR European Growth Trust

Diversified approach to small-cap Europe

Initiation | Investment trusts | 29 Oct 2015

TR European Growth Trust (TRG) is an established investment trust investing in small and mid-sized continental European companies. Managed by Ollie Beckett at Henderson Global Investors since July 2011 (assisted by Rory Stokes from 2013), its principal aim is to achieve capital growth, although it also has a long record of year-on-year dividend growth. TRG has a longer stock list than its peers, driven by its focus on companies further down the market capitalisation spectrum, where greater diversification may be advised. This focus on the smaller end of the market (as well as a small exposure to unquoted companies) means performance may diverge from that of the benchmark; the trust has outperformed the Euromoney Smaller Europe ex-UK index in four of the last five 12-month periods to 30 September in both NAV and share price total return terms.