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Oncology Venture

Multiple programme updates

Update | Pharmaceuticals & healthcare | 13 Feb 2019

Oncology Venture (OV) continues to provide regular response data from its ongoing LiPlaCis Phase II trial in patients with metastatic breast cancer (mBC). To date, 33% of the top one-third sub-population delineated by the drug response predictor (DRP) achieved partial remission (PR) or better. The data also suggested that tightening the LiPlaCis DRP threshold may increase response rates.

Oncology Venture

FDA OKs 505(b)(2) pathway for LiPlaCis in mBC

Update | Pharmaceuticals & healthcare | 21 Dec 2018

Oncology Venture (OV) recently announced that the FDA agreed the 505(b)(2) pathway is an appropriate route for LiPlaCis in metastatic breast cancer (mbC) such that objective response rate (ORR) is a suitable primary endpoint for the study. OV is seeking approval for LiPlaCis via a single-arm pivotal study in ~100-200 patients with mBC. The company plans to update recruitment timelines following FDA approval of the IDE/IND application, which OV expects in H119.

Oncology Venture

Three active trials with two more on the horizon

Update | Pharmaceuticals & healthcare | 04 Dec 2018

Oncology Venture (OV) recently included the first patient in its irofulven Phase II trial in prostate cancer, marking its third currently active trial. OV is also planning to initiate its second 2X-121 Phase II trial in ovarian cancer at the beginning of next year. Moreover, the company recently submitted pre-IDE/IND paperwork to the US FDA as it is seeking approval for LiPLaCis via a single-arm pivotal study in ~100-200 patients. The recent debt deal of ~SEK200m should fund OV’s current clinical development.

Oncology Venture

LiPlaCis focused Phase II interim data

Update | Pharmaceuticals & healthcare | 09 Oct 2018

In mid-September, Oncology Venture (OV) provided an update on its focused Phase II study investigating LiPlaCis in heavily pre-treated metastatic breast cancer (mBC) patients. To date, 26 patients have been enrolled in the trial via the drug response predictor (DRP) screening programme. Nine patients were segmented into the top one-third of responders and of these, 55% achieved partial remission. Notably, only the top responders as identified by the DRP achieved this, which may suggest that the DRP could prospectively identify responders.

Oncology Venture

Merger with Medical Prognosis Institute finalised

Update | Pharmaceuticals & healthcare | 13 Sep 2018

In early September, Oncology Venture AB and Medical Prognosis Institute (MPI) completed their strategic merger and the new entity, Oncology Venture A/S (OV), now trades on the NASDAQ First North Stockholm. Recently, OV’s three highest priority programmes all demonstrated progress. OV reported interim data from the LiPlaCis trial and is increasing enrolment, whereas 2X-121 received an IND from the US FDA in ovarian cancer. Furthermore, OV has a 55% stake in dovitinib, a tyrosine kinase inhibitor that was in-licensed from Novartis.

Oncology Venture

PARP inhibitor Phase II study initiates

Update | Pharmaceuticals & healthcare | 02 Jul 2018

Oncology Venture (OV) recently announced the initiation of its open-label Phase II study of 2X-121, a dual PARP-1/2 and TNKS-1/2 inhibitor, as a single agent in patients with metastatic breast cancer (mBC). The first patient, selected by OV’s 2X-121 drug response predictor (DRP) mRNA biomarker, was dosed in late June 2018. Also, OV announced that its impending merger with the Medical Prognosis Institute (MPI) will happen in September 2018. OV shareholders will own 51% of the new company.

Oncology Venture

Presence at ASCO 2018

Update | Pharmaceuticals & healthcare | 11 Jun 2018

Oncology Venture (OV) attended the annual American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) in June with three abstracts. Results from a Phase I study of 2X-121, a dual PARP-1/2 and TNKS-1/2 inhibitor, as a single agent in patients with solid tumours were presented along with data on the development of the 2X-121 drug response predictor (DRP) algorithm. OV also provided supplementary data supporting the LiPlaCis and APO010 programmes at the conference. In late May, OV announced the merger between OV and the Medical Prognosis Institute (MPI) was approved by the board of directors.

Oncology Venture

Optimising oncology drug development

Initiation | Pharmaceuticals & healthcare | 04 May 2018

Oncology Venture (OV) is a cancer-focused pharmaceutical company that in-licenses discontinued oncology drugs at low cost and uses its mRNA-based drug response predictor (DRP) technology to identify and treat previously unidentified patient populations most likely to respond. OV conducts these focused Phase II trials with an aim to sell or out-license the Phase III-ready drugs with their respective DRPs. OV has in-licensed six assets to date, the most advanced of which is dovitinib from Novartis. Our initial valuation is SEK823.8m or SEK59.56 per share.


Nearing prime time validation

Update | Pharmaceuticals & healthcare | 05 Jan 2018

e-Therapeutics’ (ETX) Network-Driven Drug Discovery (NDD) platform has begun to deliver encouraging data that should support out-licensing of its immuno-oncology and hedgehog (Hh) projects with potential partners. Securing deals on the pipeline and the NDD platform are clear priorities for the company and having strong data in important new therapeutic areas will raise its profile. Although these are early-stage data, the company is moving in the right direction and meeting its targets. Our comparative venture capital (VC) methodology suggests an indicative value of GBP 41.9m.

Kazia Therapeutics

Yale JV to target ovarian cancer

QuickView | Pharmaceuticals & healthcare | 12 Nov 2013

Novogen has taken an important step in the development of its super-benzopyran technology, with the formation of a joint venture with Yale University to develop a pipeline of compounds for ovarian cancer. The new venture, to be named CanTx, will initially screen Novogen's analogue library against Yale's ovarian cancer tissue bank. CanTx will fund further development of resulting compounds and, it is hoped, will ultimately become the vehicle to realise Novogen's vision of personalised chemotherapy. Meanwhile, Novogen continues its preclinical work aimed at bring the Trilexium lead candidate to the IND stage by Q314.