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The NAGA Group

Executive Interview - The NAGA Group

Edison TV: | Technology | 10 Dec 2018

EKF conference 2018.

The NAGA Group

Further development of the ecosystem

Update | Technology | 12 Nov 2018

NAGA Group continues to ramp up volumes on its NAGA Trader platform, while eliminating commission expenses through the acquisition of Hanseatic Brokerhouse (HBS). Recent developments in the NAGA ecosystem include the introduction of an AI-based robo-advisor, the launch of the beta version of NAGA Exchange (together with an analytical tool called NAGA Guard), as well as the introduction of NAGA Card. The business remains in its early stage with the majority of products (except NAGA Trader) yet to generate meaningful revenues.

The NAGA Group

Broadening portfolio stimulates profitability

Update | Technology | 13 Jul 2018

NAGA Group (N4G) moved to positive EBITDA of EUR 2.9m in FY17 on the back of higher brokerage fees and one-off ICO-related advisory fees. Management expects to double trading volumes in 2018. However, the business is still in its early stages, and future profitability will depend on the number and activity of brokerage clients, the success of recently launched products, as well as the sentiment towards cryptocurrencies in the aftermath of the recent market crash.


Balanced focus on growth and margins

Update | Financials | 06 Jun 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI)-driven MyBucks (MBC) has made notable progress in recent months. The strategic partnership with NAGA is a key step in developing MBC's digital banking business and builds on the H1 turnaround in banking results. These, along with improved cost ratios, partly countered the still burdensome level of financing costs, as the group swung into pre-tax profit from losses in the prior year. This takes the company a step closer to becoming net earnings positive. Debt refinancing costs are being reduced and a €11.7m gross private placing was undertaken in February. MBC is also well positioned for organic growth through the launch of new insurance and lending products and plans to integrate its TESS user experience product throughout its operations.

The NAGA Group

Revenue growth and continued executions

Update | Technology | 02 Nov 2017

NAGA saw 90% growth in pro forma revenue to EUR 3.7m from trading activities and a 74% increase in total sales to EUR 4.3m in H117, compared with H216. In Q417, management is planning to launch its second product, SWITEX (in-game items trading), and issue NAGA Coins (a cryptocurrency) for up to $400m, with 55% of the total offered to the public by working with a third party. The proceeds from the initial token sale (ITS) and the remaining 45% of the tokens will not be consolidated into NAGA’s balance sheet. The stock is currently trading at 24.3x EV/sales based on annualised H117 numbers. In August 2017, the Chinese conglomerate, Fosun, which owns c 26% of NAGA, committed to invest an additional EUR 3.3m, or 25% of its total investment commitment of EUR 12.3m.

The NAGA Group

Aiming to add spice to social trading

Initiation | Technology | 10 Jul 2017

The NAGA Group is a fintech start-up with two products launched before the end of 2017: SwipeStox (securities trading and robo-advisory) and SWITEX (in-game items trading), a joint venture with Deutsche Borse AG. Named after NAGA, the strongest chili in the world, the group's intention is to be disruptive; it believes that the open API module underpinning SwipeStox can quickly be duplicated on p2pfx (P2P FX/CFD trading) and Trafex (trading of bitcoin and real currencies) before early 2018. The IPO should enhance NAGA's visibility and attract talent. Anticipated net proceeds of €1.7m, at an offer price of €2.6, implies 18.8x EV/sales based on 2016 consolidated financials.