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Hurricane Energy

Fabrication on track; commissioning now in focus

Update | Oil & Gas | 19 Dec 2017

On 12 December 2017, we visited the Aoka Mizu FPSO at Drydocks World Dubai, and had the opportunity to meet a number of Hurricane Energy and Bluewater employees. We returned with greater confidence in Hurricane’s ability to mobilise the Aoka Mizu to location in Q218 and to deliver first oil in H119. While some risk remains relating to weather-critical items, we feel that the risk of schedule slippage is lower than we had previously assumed. We bring first oil forward by six months in our updated valuation; this is offset by a slightly more conservative view of production ramp-up and uptime assumption in the first six months of production.

Hurricane Energy

West of Shetland resource update

Flash note | Oil & Gas | 12 Dec 2017

Hurricane has published this week an updated competent person’s report (CPR) on its West of Shetland fields not previously included in the 2017 Lancaster CPR. The report by auditor RPS Energy covering the Halifax, Lincoln, Warwick, Whirlwind and Strathmore fields confirms over two billion barrels of oil equivalent contingent resources (Hurricane 100% interest) across these fields, with a further 935mmboe of unrisked prospective resources recognised for the (as yet undrilled) Warwick prospect.

Hurricane Energy

Hurricane hoping for a storm-less 2018

Update | Oil & Gas | 02 Nov 2017

Investor focus is understandably on the execution of Hurricane’s Lancaster EPS development. First oil from Lancaster will complete the transition from explorer to producer and unlock a stream of cash flow that management can direct towards appraisal, full field development or shareholder returns. In this note, we look at progress made to date and the potential for farm-down of the Greater Lancaster Area (GLA) and Greater Warwick Area (GWA) to fund further appraisal ahead of full field development. Our updated RENAV stands at 79p/share, down from 103p/share, reflecting a recent reduction in our long-term (2022) oil price assumption from $80/bbl to $70/bbl.

Hurricane Energy

Lancaster EPS funding in place

Update | Oil & Gas | 04 Jul 2017

Hurricane has provisionally raised up to $535m through a $300m equity placing (plus $5m follow-on offer) and a concurrent $220m (with $10m over-allotment) convertible bond offer. Equity is being placed at a price of 32p/share while the convertible offers investors a 7.5% coupon and conversion price of 40p/share o a 25% premium. We had assumed EPS funding in our valuation with an approximate 60/40 equity/debt split (see our May Outlook note); confirmation of funding should provide increased confidence in Hurricane's ability to keep to a H119 first oil target. The fall in Hurricane's share price over the last two months has led to greater dilution than we had previously anticipated with Edison's Lancaster NAV falling from 102p/share to 81p/share (c 21%) assuming convertible dilution.

Hurricane Energy

Big fields get bigger - 523mmbbls and counting

Outlook | Oil & Gas | 16 May 2017

Hurricane Energy's 2016/17 drilling programme has significantly increased understanding of the Greater Lancaster Area (GLA) and Greater Warwick Area (GWA) hydrocarbon accumulations. Initial data analysis suggests that the GLA is one large accumulation including the Halifax and Lancaster basement oil discoveries contained between the Westray Fault Zone and Brynhild Fault Zone. RPS resource estimates for Lancaster alone range from 157-1,166mmbbls recoverable (P50 523mmbbls), making it a giant oil field and one of the largest discoveries on the UKCS over the last decade. Incorporating wider GLA and GWA resource is likely to take this figure to upwards of 1bnbbls, 100% owned by Hurricane. Management expects first oil from a Lancaster early production system (EPS) in 2019, with the company looking at equity and debt funding options. We assume a 60/40 equity to debt split in our latest Lancaster NAV of 102p/share, rising to 134p/share including risked Halifax/Lincoln upside.

Hurricane Energy

Lincoln adds to GLA resource

Flash note | Oil & Gas | 20 Dec 2016

Hurricane Energy has completed drilling of the 205/26b-A well (Lincoln). Log data and gas chromatography indicates a significant hydrocarbon column of at least 660m TVD, comparable to that of Lancaster. Oil down to (ODT) was observed at c 2,300m TVDSS, 520m below structural closure and 168m below the ODT in the 1995 Arco 205/21-1 well. In our last published RENAV, we included 8p/share of risked value for Lincoln, assuming a commercial chance of success (CCOS) of 15%. De-risking Lincoln (to 60% CCOS) but leaving mid-case volume at 250mmbbl (Hurricane management expects upside to this given the deeper ODT), our Lincoln risked valuation rises to c 33p/share and group RENAV to 101p/share from 75p/share (+35%).

Hurricane Energy

Extending Lancaster along the Rona Ridge

Update | Oil & Gas | 23 Nov 2016

In September 2016, the 205/21a-7 pilot well helped confirm a continuous oil column below Lancaster basement structural closure. Hurricane is looking to extend this play along the Rona Ridge through the exploration of analogues, Lincoln and Halifax. Management estimates combined gross unrisked prospective resource of over 500mmbbls, offering potential for a significant increase to the 300mmbls we currently assume for Lancaster. In our updated valuation, we incorporate the dilutive impact of Hurricane’s October 2016 fund-raise, offset by the inclusion of risked prospective value for Lincoln and Halifax. Our RENAV increases from 73p/share to 75p/share (+3%).

Hurricane Energy

Confirming oil below structural closure

Update | Oil & Gas | 19 Sep 2016

Preliminary analysis of the Lancaster pilot well confirms a continuous oil column below the basement structural closure. An increase in mid-case estimates of Lancaster oil in place and a higher recovery factor, supported by aquifer drive, could potentially lead to a material increase in recoverable resource estimates. We expect third-party validation of resource upgrades on completion of the 2016 well programme. Ahead of validation, we have increased our estimated early production system (EPS) recoverable volumes to the company's base-case 53mmbbls and assume full field development P50 recoverable volume of 300mmbo. As a result, our RENAV increases from 41p/share to 73p/share (+78%) based on Edison's long-term Brent crude price of $70/bbl.

Hurricane Energy

Testing time for Lancaster

Update | Oil & Gas | 12 Jul 2016

By the end of 2016, Hurricane should have far greater certainty on the size and potential value of its key asset, Lancaster. If post-drill resource estimates remain in line with the pre-drill forecast at P50 200mmbbls, Hurricane remains well placed to attract partner and debt funding assuming an Edison long-term 70$/bbl Brent oil price. A resource base that only justifies an early production system (EPS) development is still likely to be economically viable, but could prove harder to finance in the current market.

Hurricane Energy

Defining EPS development volumetrics

Update | Oil & Gas | 28 Apr 2016

Hurricane's 2016 well programme aims to firm up volumes in Lancaster's mapped structural closure, oil that Hurricane plans to monetise through a two-well EPS development. More clarity on volumes will support concept definition and should provide the basis for further farm-out discussions, taking the Lancaster field through to EPS first oil in 2019. Hurricane's £52m fund-raise, announced on 18 April, was carried out at a 46% premium to market and will provide capital for the Q316 Lancaster 7 Wells drilling programme consisting of a multi-objective vertical pilot well and horizontal production test. Our RENAV for Lancaster, including net cash and net of corporate overheads, stands at 34p/share, down from our last published 47p/share as a result of fund-raising equity dilution, a 10$/bbl reduction in our long-term oil price assumptions and higher risk assigned to full field development volumes outside mapped structural closure.

Hurricane Energy

Adding to the basement portfolio

Update | Oil & Gas | 16 Dec 2015

Hurricane continues to progress farm-out discussions as it seeks to develop its 207mmboe fractured basement Lancaster discovery. In September, Lancaster was awarded oil field status that, together with the subdivision of its licence, should enhance Hurricane's farm-out options. Meanwhile, the award of two further blocks in the 28th Offshore Licensing Round adds the Warwick prospect to the portfolio as well as an extension of the existing Lincoln prospect. Considered to be analogous to Lancaster, these prospects are within tie-back distance of the planned Lancaster Early Production System (EPS) and provide an opportunity for further development of the basement play.

Hurricane Energy

Pioneering fractured basement

Initiation | Oil & Gas | 12 Jun 2015

Hurricane Energy is an E&P company focused on fractured basement in the UK, where it has de-risked its 207mmboe Lancaster field with a successful horizontal appraisal well (flow rates of c 10mb/d constrained by surface equipment). Management is now envisaging an Early Production System to answer remaining uncertainties and reduce upfront capital requirements. The company is currently seeking a farm-out to fund an EPS, targeting first oil in late 2017, with full field production five years later. While the farm-out market is currently subdued, Lancaster may attract interested parties due to its high well deliverability and relatively simple development scheme. Furthermore, success at Lancaster could lead to a wider de-risking of basement plays o opening up a much larger resource base. In these circumstances, our RENAV of 45p/share could have considerable upside, although we note that the terms of the farm-down and performance of any EPS are critical.