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Implementing the new strategy

Outlook | Pharmaceuticals & healthcare | 01 Sep 2017

Deinove has selected key markets of interest, identified strains from its library of bacteria, which indicate suitability for commercial deployment, and formed partnerships to expedite that process. While uncertainties remain, commercial revenues are expected in 2018 and development of revenues in line with our projections would indicate a potential valuation of EUR 4.4/share.


Finance secure until end 2017

Update | Alternative Energy | 30 Mar 2016

Deinove made significant scientific and technical advances in 2015, signed important commercial agreements and improved the financial positioning of the company. The first commercial revenues are expected in 2018 and the company believes it has sufficient financial resources, without further equity drawdowns (€10m unused facility), to last it until the end of 2017.


Cash conservation and operational progress

Update | Pharmaceuticals & healthcare | 23 Oct 2017

A refocused business, a strengthened management team and progress with its underlying research programmes suggest Deinove is on course to generate commercial revenues in 2018. Delivery in line with our long-term forecasts would indicate a potential valuation of EUR 4.3/share.


Progress implementing the new strategy

Update | Pharmaceuticals & healthcare | 06 Apr 2017

Progress has been made in implementing the new corporate strategy and Deinove expects commercial revenues from FY18. Cash resources are sufficient to finance the business for the rest of FY17 and into FY18. Upside for the shares will be dependent on Deinove's ability to demonstrate commercial deployment of its technology and generate revenue in its target markets.


Strategic refocus

Update | Pharmaceuticals & healthcare | 03 Oct 2016

While the H116 financial results were in line with expectations, the decision to suspend the Deinol programme was not. Short-term projections will not be affected by the change in strategy as resources will simply be reallocated, but potential for longer-term revenue generation will switch from biofuels to green chemistry and healthcare.


Commercial revenues expected 2018

Outlook | Alternative Energy | 10 Jun 2016

Management believes that Deinove now has the necessary financial resources to continue with its work until the end of FY17 without recourse to further equity funding. Deinove will continue to progress towards commercialising its technology in both the Deinochem and Deinol projects, with first commercial revenues expected by 2018. Based on the assumption that it can successfully deploy its technology, we believe Deinove could be worth c €8/share (previously €10).


Broadening the offering

Update | Alternative Energy | 12 Jan 2016

Deinove has secured additional financial resources that will allow it to continue the development of its technology in the field of green chemistry and biofuels. The majority of the funds raised will be used to finance developments in Deinochem (green chemistry), which we now expect will contribute an increased proportion of future revenues.


Funding the road to commercial deployment

Flash note | Alternative Energy | 02 Dec 2015

Deinove's proposed capital raising (€9.3m) should allow the company to continue to develop its technology to the point when commercial revenues are expected to begin (2017/18). The intended distribution of the proceeds among Deinove's businesses highlights the increased importance of the Deinochem offering within Deinove's portfolio. It also highlights the greater number of potential revenue-generating projects beyond biofuels to which Deinove can now point.


Milestone payments demonstrate progress

Update | Alternative Energy | 25 Sep 2015

Deinove continues to make progress, passing research project milestones, signing agreements with commercial partners and diversifying future potential revenue streams by broadening its research platform. The company has yet to generate commercial revenue (we expect from FY17), but believes it has sufficient cash resources to last “beyond Q316”.


Quest for commercial revenue

Outlook | Alternative Energy | 08 May 2015

Commercial agreements with blue-chip industrials partners offer the prospect of entry into key markets for Deinove. To capitalise on this opportunity Deinove must demonstrate that its technology can operate successfully on an industrial scale and using industrial substrates in its chosen markets. Confirmation of its ability to scale up its technology could act as a significant boost to its share price.


Daily comment

Institutional Comment | Alternative Energy | 01 Apr 2015



Growing towards commercialisation

Update | Alternative Energy | 01 Apr 2015

Business expansion increased short term losses in FY14. However the longer term prospects are more important and in FY14 Deinove made progress on both the scientific and commercial fronts. We now expect commercial revenue from 2017 and although Deinove has sufficient funds to last until Q316, we anticipate that it will seek additional funding in FY15.