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ICG-Longbow SSUP

Bitesize briefing - ICG-Longbow SSUP

Edison TV: | Financials | 20 Mar 2019

In this short video, Milosz Papst discusses the background of ICG-Longbow Senior Secured UK Property Debt Investments, which provides exposure to a diversified portfolio of good-quality, defensive and predominantly fixed-rate senior secured UK real estate loans.Read more>>

Volta Finance

Bitesize briefing - Volta Finance

Edison TV: | Investment trusts | 19 Mar 2019

In this short video, Milosz Papst provides an introduction to Volta Finance, an investment fund providing exposure to a diversified portfolio of structured finance assets, in particular collateralised loan obligations (CLOs).

Euromoney Institutional Investor

Bitesize briefing – Euromoney

Edison TV: | Media | 18 Mar 2019

In this short video, media analyst Fiona Orford-Williams summarises the key points of the Euromoney investment case and discusses the proposed share distribution by DMGT.

Allied Minds

Bitesize briefing - Allied Minds

Edison TV: | Technology | 13 Mar 2019

Allied Minds is an IP commercialisation company focusing on early-stage companies within life sciences and technology. Although AIM listed, its portfolio companies are spin-outs from US federal government laboratories and universities. The portfolio has been significantly rationalised since 2017 and is now focused on six principal companies which comprise 92%+ of portfolio fair value. Management expects the top three companies to achieve commercialisation in 2019, and we believe there could be substantial upside if this is achieved. Following recent cash management measures, Allied Minds has extended its cash runway into 2021.

Alkane Resources

Bitesize briefing - Alkane Resources

Edison TV: | Mining | 20 Feb 2019

Dr Ryan D. Long, director of mining, provides investors with an introduction to Alkane Resources, a Australian gold producer, following our recent re-initiation note on the company.

Murray Income Trust

Bitesize briefing - Murray Income Trust

Edison TV: | Investment trusts | 08 Feb 2019

Murray Income Trust is a UK equity income investment trust whose manager, Aberdeen Standard Investments’ Charles Luke, seeks to achieve a high and growing income, along with capital growth. While mainly invested in UK equities, the trust may hold up to 20% of its portfolio overseas, in order to diversify sources of income and gain exposure to areas that are under-represented in the UK stock market. In this video, investment trusts analyst Sarah Godfrey presents an overview of Murray Income Trust, covering its investment process, which has been enhanced by the merger of Aberdeen Asset Management and Standard Life Investments in 2017, and the manager’s investment themes. She also looks at the trust’s performance record and discusses other factors such as its higher-than-average dividend yield and low ongoing charges.

4imprint Group

Bitesize briefing - 4imprint

Edison TV: | Media | 05 Feb 2019

4imprint is the leading direct marketer of promotional products in the US and Canada, with a market share estimated about 3% of this fragmented $25bn market. In this short briefing, we describe its impressive organic growth record, outline its marketing approach and talk through its strong cash generation.

Aberdeen Asian Income Fund

Bitesize briefing – Aberdeen Asian Income Fund

Edison TV: | Investment trusts | 20 Dec 2018

Aberdeen Asian Income Fund invests across Asia in quality companies offering attractive yields and the potential for capital and income growth. It may also hold a small number of fixed income securities. In this video, investment companies analyst Sarah Godfrey presents an overview of Aberdeen Asian Income Fund, covering its investment process, income focus, and the manager’s investment themes. She also looks at the trust’s performance record and discusses the factors contributing to its current discount to net asset value, which is wider than those of its close peers.


Bitesize briefing - Nuevolution

Edison TV: | Pharmaceuticals & healthcare | 25 Sep 2018

Nuevolution is a Copenhagen-based biopharmaceutical company with a patent-protected drug discovery platform (Chemetics) that enables the selection of drugs for an array of tough-to-drug disease targets. In this video, healthcare analyst Dr Daniel Wilkinson presents an overview of Nuevolution, covering its technology, financial position, partnerships and the wider competitive landscape. Additionally he details Edison’s approach to valuing the company.

NeuroVive Pharmaceutical

Bitesize briefing - NeuroVive Pharmaceutical

Edison TV: | Pharmaceuticals & healthcare | 24 Apr 2018

Mitochondrial disease is an umbrella term that includes a diverse set of conditions where the function of the mitochondria is failing. The diversity of the clinical presentation, low incidence rates and high unmet need make this an interesting area for specialist orphan drug developers. Here, healthcare analyst Dr Jonas Peciulis presents an overview of mitochondrial medicine, the competitive landscape in drug development and discusses one of the companies covered by Edison, specialising in the field, NeuroVive Pharmaceutical.

AJ Lucas Group

Bitesize briefing – AJ Lucas Group

Edison TV: | Oil & gas | 20 Apr 2018

Sanjeev Bahl discusses AJ Lucas Group.

Auriant Mining

Bitesize briefing - Auriant Mining

Edison TV: | Mining | 21 Mar 2018

Charles Gibson discusses Auriant Mining