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Aladdin Blockchain Technologies

Building blocks

Update | Technology | 08 Oct 2018

Driven by non-recurring listing and acquisition fees of EUR 2.1m, Aladdin reported an H1 net loss of EUR 2.8m in its first set of interim results. Separately, the company has successfully uplisted to the regulated segment of the Düsseldorf exchange, while it continues to add electronic health records to its big data platform. Aladdin expects maiden revenues in H2, in addition to the launch of prototypes for its proof-of-concept blockchain ecosystem. The company had cash of EUR 750k at end H118, with a monthly burn rate of c EUR 250k, and is thus likely to seek additional financing during H2.

Aladdin Blockchain Technologies

Progress on all fronts

Update | Technology | 21 Aug 2018

Aladdin has issued a series of updates on its progress with the development and implementation of its technology suite. Perhaps most significantly, it has launched its prototype blockchain network and is now adding some quarter of a million electronic health records (EHR) to the platform. Separately, Aladdin has announced a prototype for the diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy, with early analysis indicating that accuracy is similar to, or better than, humans. Information on the commercial aspects of these developments is extremely limited and we await further updates with the H1 results in September.

Aladdin Blockchain Technologies

A whole new world

Initiation | Technology | 15 Jun 2018

Aladdin Blockchain Technologies (Aladdin) is an early-stage software company seeking to use big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning technologies to improve preventative medicine and the efficiency of delivering healthcare. Although the long-term goal is to be a big data analytics play, the shorter-term focus is on developing applications to build a healthcare ecosystem in order to gain access to patient data. Aladdin’s first operations are in China, it has just announced entry into the Indian healthcare market and it plans to expand into other Asian markets.